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CBG Oil - Blueberry

CBG Oil - Blueberry

Steve's Goods
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Honestly, this CBG Oil is the tastiest hemp product I've ever used. The Blueberry terpenes used in this formula is just downright JUICY.

The 20:1 combination of phytocannabinoids, pure, Colorado grown CBD and CBG create a cascade of healing throughout your endocannabinoid system.

As CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids become popular you’ll no doubt be hearing more and more about the healing powers of this plant… When you’re deciding who’s hands to put your health in, these are the things to know about:

  • The difference between endocannabinoids, phytocannabinoids and synthetic cannabinoids
  • Where is the hemp grown? How is it extracted?
  • The amount of THC per bottle? How much CBD vs. CBG is in there?
  • Are measurements on the bottle accurate?
  • Has the product been adequately tested?

Why choose Steve’s Goods Blueberry CBG Oil?

They have a solid record of supplying their customers with some of the most delicious CBG Oil on the market. As you know, tasting good is one thing; efficacy is another!

One of the common things we notice in reviews from their customers is how many other products they’ve tried before finding the satisfaction they receive with Steve’s Goods tinctures. When products aren’t made up to quality and don’t deliver it’s hurtful in more ways than one.

In addition to wasting your money, when you experience a lackluster product with inaccurate claims, you might give up CBD products altogether. The truth might be, you got a bum product, with no guarantees, and now you think it doesn’t work! But that might not be the case. You might need a quality product. Perhaps CBD or CBG, dosed according to your needs, could help you. But you have to stay curious and know your source.

Their Blueberry CBG Oil delivers 20:1 CBD to CBG. It’s used by many to increase what they're calling "relaxed focus", it’s neuroprotective, and it interacts with your endocannabinoid system, unlocking receptors permitting longer lasting results from the CBD. Every batch comes with test results. They take pride in everything we do.

Directions for using Blueberry CBG Oil

Blueberry CBG Oil can be used under your tongue, in food and drinks, or rubbed on your skin. A good starting point is 1 – 2 full dropper  per serving.


CBD/CBG* wax, Blueberry OG Terpenes, MCT Oil, Natural** Flavoring, Monk Fruit, and chock full of GMO-free love!

*Each bottle is made with a full gram of wax

** Natural meaning plant derived with no added sugar

Buying options and how to choose

500 mg Blueberry CBG Oil
1000 mg Blueberry CBG Oil
2500 mg Blueberry CBG Oil

Their Blueberry CBG Oil comes in three strengths. They offer you choices because the amount you need daily varies depending on the issues you’re treating.

For instance, if you’re suffering from a severe bout of IBS, the amount of CBG/CBD in half a dropper from a 2500 mg. bottle might be more beneficial than one of the lesser strengths. If you’re using CBD to address low-level pain, a smaller dose might do the trick. Taking more than you need isn’t harmful, simply wasteful and unnecessary.

How much CBD vs. CBG is in there?

For every 20 mg. of CBD in the bottle, there’s 1 mg. of CBG. That’s a 20 to 1 ratio.

The constant is every bottle has 30 ml. With 30 dropper fulls per container, each dropper contains 1 ml. and approximately 20 drops.

To figure out the amount of CBD/ CBG per drop, here’s the breakdown:

500 mg/ 30 ml

Divide 500 by 30, and you find there’s 16.66 mg per dropper.

Divide 16.66 by 20, and there’s .83 mg. per drop.

Per Bottle – CBD 500 mg./ CBG 25 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 16.66 mg./ CBG .83 mg.

Per Drop – CBD .83 mg./ CBG .04 mg.

15 drops of 500 mg deliver 12 – 13 mg. of pure CBD and .6 mg. CBG

1000/ 30 ml

Divide 1000 by 30 which equals 33.33 mg. per dropper.

Divide 33.33 by 20 equalling 1.66 mg. per drop

Per Bottle – CBD 1000 mg./ CBG 50 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 33.33 mg./ CBG 1.66 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 1.66 mg./ CBG .08 mg.

15 drops of 1000 mg deliver 24 – 25 mg. of pure CBD and .12 mg. CBG

2500/ 30 ml

Divide 2500 by 30 which equals 83.33 mg. per dropper.

Divide 83.33 by 20 equalling 4.16 mg. per drop

Per Bottle – CBD 2500 mg./ CBG 150 mg.

Per Dropper – CBD 83.33 mg./ CBG 4.16 mg.

Per Drop – CBD 4.16 mg./ CBG .20 mg.

15 drops of 2500 mg deliver 49 – 50 mg. of pure CBD and .4 mg. CBG


If you’re new to using non-psychoactive cannabinoids for your health, balance or a specific issue, we have some suggestions to get you started.

Steve's Goods' CBD Hemp Oil comes in three strengths 500, 1000. 2000. Their Hemp Oil is made with full spectrum hemp oil and pure CBD isolate. Being full spectrum this product includes less than .03% THC, which helps for specific uses including pain relief and sleeplessness. It’s a bit less expensive than CBG Oil and a great way to experience the direct benefits of full spectrum CBD.

This CBG Oil is made with THC Free Distillate. Increasing the CBG from one of several additional cannabinoids to a noted ingredient amp the healing power of the CBD. Just like when CBD has a touch of THC added it helps boost certain qualities, combining CBD with higher amounts of CBG has a ripple effect in healing.

Steve's Goods CBD and CBG Oils: Guaranteed Pure and Tested for Potency

"At Steve’s Goods, we pride ourselves on offering some of the purest, most potent CBD available in the marketplace today. We source our hemp from local Colorado farmers, we track the quality of our products from seed to sale, with full traceability along the way."

"Every batch is individually tested at an FDA registered, state of the art laboratory. We are happy to provide test results upon request. After the initial round of testing, the final product is sent to an independent lab to assure purity, consistency, and strength."