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Craving Crusher Tincture

Craving Crusher Tincture

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Craving Crusher:
1500mg CBD / 750mg Targeted Terpenes

Targeted Terpenes™
Terpenes are potent tiny single molecules responsible for the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. The two terpenes targeted for this unique formula are powerful, clinically researched ingredients that may support suppressing hunger cravings by reducing the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Condition Specific Results™
Broad Spectrum CBD oil is more effective due to its complete cannabinoid and terpene profile as opposed to isolated CBD. However, the terpenes remaining from extraction are in trace amounts and in widely varying types. Botávn has selected two specialized terpenes to combine with our CBD blend to enhance the entourage effect. Studies have shown an approximate daily allowance of 50mg CBD produces the best benefits. Together our 2:1 high potency ratio is capable of targeting condition specific results.